Patriotism in Globalization

What is patriotism? Simply we will be said that it is a national pride ; a pride to the motherland even the fact that it came from the “patris” word with the definition is “father“. Indonesian patriotism is patriotism based on the ideal values in life.

What is Indonesia patriotism? Indonesia patriotism is patriotism based on Pancasila. Pancasila is our ideology. Pancasila Philosophy is Indonesian rule of life. Our social contract (between state and the people) is tied by Pancasila and stated in the constitution. One God ; fairness humanity ; unity ; democracy ; and social justice.

Yes! National pride based on Pancasila. An emotional that attached to the country. A will to support the country and help it continue. Patriotism today is totally different with patriotism before (war era). Patriotism before is taking a gun to fight in a war. What the patriot has done before is to protect it nation and seize the freedom. Patriotism in war era is come to end, with a happy ending. Indonesian Liberty!

This day is globalization era. The era of interconnection and meet the various nation with its people, tradition, and culture. Globalization is the gathering of economic, culture and politic across the state frontier. Patriotism in globalization era is different with war era but must have the same spirit. The spirit to support Indonesia regards to the achievement of Indonesian aim that stated in Indonesian’s constitution.

Patriotism in globalization consisted in Patriotism in economic concretely by using the local (Indonesian) product and supporting the product in many possibilities include the creator. Patriotism in economic by introducing Indonesian economic principle to the global world. Indonesian economic principle virtue of “Kekeluargaan” or “Family Principle“. Forward, Patriotism in culture concretely behave and honest to our culture. Indonesian culture representing so many tribes and ethnics. Patriotism should introduce the diversity of Indonesian people to the global world. We are rich and unique in a positive way. Furthermore, Patriotism in politic simply by trust what our founding father stated in the constitution such as educate and welfare the nation further participating in world peace effort. Non-Block Politic just like Indonesian former president said. Let our politic paradigm influence the global makes the best effort to reach the peace.

The last, patriotism in globalization is absolutely not like the patriotism in war era. Patriotism today is showing Indonesian national pride (economically, culturally, and politically) to the world by respect and appreciate the other nation.

“Growing nationalism in the park of internationalism” just like Soekarno said.


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