Toba Lake ; Tao Ompung Si Thales

The book with the title “Tao Nasae” was written by Sitor Situmorang many years ago. He may argue that the era of Bataknese is representing by Toba Lake (Tao Toba) is come to end (Sae). The written story is immortal just like a curse until today. Simply Sir Sitor assumed that the time when the Tao famous king (S.M.Raja XII) was death then the era of Tao as well was over.

At 2016, nowadays, the era of the resurrection of the Tao from its death appears to the furnace. There’s a new struggle today. Not a struggle of one person or another sacred person. It’s a struggle of Tao’s inhabitant.

To struggle again!

To promote and show that the “Tao” is not “Sae” just what Sir Sitor was written but it just already born again. The Tao will become great by its way.

The Reborn of The Tao!

The Tao is the infinite water perhaps immortal, just figuring the romantic matter about the Tao. Don’t you totally agree to Thales the philosopher that said :”This world and all in it come from water”.

Tao Toba is lasting water and shall be has a part of creating our world. Thales said so.


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