Law wins but . . .

There are problems show up in our society but no one has the gut to fight. People has no eager to fight for his right. They just see it. Accept and live as usual -oppressed- again and again. They believe in change but in a sacred way. Believing that change is God business. People don’t trust the government but they always hope for them.

This nation relies on law. Every single activity is bow down to the law. The question is -always- whose the law that protected? Law enforcement is influenced by power and money. Corrupt government. Corrupt justice. Corrupt law enforcer. No one, ever a money-less citizen will win against the corrupt system. This kind of people always loose. This kind of law always win. The law that supporting the power-man, the money-man.

People taught that the only way to survive in this kind of state or world is by adapt to that corrupt system. Bribery. Stealing. Mocking. Corrupt. Collusion. Nepotism. In the weekend day going to the church and ask forgiveness. Adapting is the only choice to live worldly. The other option is to keep silent and wait for miracle or death.

The day, when you have to choose: stay silent or stand up for your right. The day when this corrupt system trying to crush you to the pieces. The day when the world looks evil and has to repair. The day, where this kind of law will crush.

It will be exhausting but we know in heart that it is worth.




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