Heading 01 Mei

Dear Keenan,

How’s your day? In this month, you’re reaching the 1 year and 10 months age. Next 2 months you’ll be 2 years old. How’s your life since born the day of the May-day 2015?

I’m curious (always) about what you have done; you do; you’re doing and you will do. Always interesting to see your activity. Your responses. Your smile. Everything about you. You will learn everything and what I can do just warn you when it comes not right.

To show love for you in this age so confusing. What I can do perhaps only to hug you when I around. Accompany you playing and screaming for fun. Laughing of course.

I’ll give you the world if I can.

The day will go and maybe I will change or you will, but remember one thing that very important I can say…

“I love you”




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